Your Child Will Feel Famous With Major League Sports Prints!

Is your son or daughter an avid baseball fan? If they can't wait for baseball season to start every year, then make them feel like a major leaguer with one of our many personalized sports prints! Their name will appear right next to the jerseys of their favorite ball players and they're sure to show it off to all of their friends. It will be a piece that will hang on their wall in grade school, college, and beyond. 

So no matter what city or state you live in, we'll have the team you want. Or perhaps your child is a football fan? We have a variety of professional and college teams from which to choose. Every kid will smile from ear to ear when they see their name stitched on the back of their favorite team's jersey, complete with a personalized choice of number. Plus, your child can pick which players their jersey is hanging next to, so if they have two or three favorites, it's easy to add them in!

At Kids That Smile, our goal is provide you with the best in customer service and product quality. If you ever have any concerns about a product or questions about shipping, we're always ready to listen. We always offer free shipping for orders over $65. Since every product is personalized, all sales are final, save in the event of a manufacturing defect. We strive to provide you and your child with the highest-quality sports prints on the market. 

16th Apr 2014

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